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Our story

Andrew, Jodie and Tom Green are the current custodians of the family property “Aloeburn”, located at Boree Creek, which has been in their family since 1881. Aloeburn has been breeding productive, dual purpose sheep since the 1970’s to achieve the plain bodied, highly fertile, early maturing productive modern poll merinos that are being bred at Aloeburn today.


Andrew and Jodie took over the management of the property and became the stud principals of Aloeburn Poll Merinos in 2012. They immediately adopted the use of ASBV’s to record and measure the genetic progress of their sheep and pride themselves on the accuracy of the data collected each year on every stud born animal from its birth to ensure that the data on the Aloeburn Poll Merinos is as accurate as it possibly can be.


Aloeburn’s flock is mostly commercial, comprising 6,500 breeding ewes with a stud nucleus of 500 ewes. Our goal is to breed a highly fertile ewe capable of producing >7kgs/head per annum of bright, white, lustrous wool which is less susceptible to flystrike, does not need mulesing or jetting and weans >120% lambs per annum, the wether portion of which can be turned off from 7 months of age.


Our commercial focus requires that our sheep perform both for wool and meat production in a challenging Australian environment.  Andrew is a firm advocate that the basis of a valuable, sustainable stud is the viability, performance and profitability of its commercial flock and its ability to produce a product that meets ever changing markets. 


Andrew has a wealth of experience in managing mixed farming operations throughout NSW and understands the necessity for the animals we breed to be able to adapt to different environments. This appreciation, along with the use of subjective observations and objective measurements allows Andrew to appreciate and identify sheep with traits suited to the commercial producer.


Ease of management and optimum animal welfare and production, coupled with their passion for restoring and maintaining the soils and pasture of Aloeburn, securing the sustainability of the land and animals for generations to come is what drives the team at Aloeburn to succeed.

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